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Now that you’re building a new home, what can you do to personalize your home to reflect your style?   Here are some ideas and tips to get you started.

  • Window Treatments:   You’ll need to plan for window treatments for your new home.   An increasingly popular approach is to use inexpensive “pre-fabricated” blinds together with a decorative valance to soften the look.   Mount these above the top of windows to make the room appear larger.
  • Decorative Borders:   Most new homes are built with only paint on the walls.   Add colour, patterns and/or texture with wallpaper borders in a few key areas to break up the monotony of painting.   A wallpaper border in bathrooms or kids rooms can set the tone for the theme of the room.
  • Focal Point:   If possible, place one interesting and strong piece of furniture in each room to command attention.   The positive aspects of a single strong piece will overcome weaker pieces.   Avoid trying to fill up rooms with too much furniture.   “Fewer, bigger, better” is a winning design approach.
  • Harmony:   As you place furniture and objects in a room think about whether the various pieces of furniture and their colour and texture, are consistent and harmonious with one another.   Obviously, an easy way to achieve harmony is to buy complete furniture sets, like a matching headboard, dresser and nightstands for a bedroom.   That approach is fine albeit perhaps too easy and traditional.   It’s tougher – but
    far more rewarding and interesting – to bring together separate items to create a single, harmonious look.
  • Rugs:   Even if you have carpet in a room, consider adding an area rug. Rugs create a softer look and can often “bring together” several colours found in the room.   High-quality Persian rugs are also a relatively good investment – they generally don’t depreciate in value.
  • Kid’s Rooms:   There are lots of options in putting together kid bedrooms.   Themed bed covers and sheets featuring popular characters are widely available.   Similarly, wallpaper and paint options abound featuring bright colours and character themes.   Consider “kid proof” paint to avoid smudges and smears.   You have the freedom to try bolder designs and wall coverings in kid bedrooms so don’t be afraid to go bold!
  • Lighting:   Different rooms require different types of light.   Bright light is needed in bathrooms while softer light is needed in bedrooms.   Create a softer light using table lamps with full shades.   Consider halogen lights to highlight artwork and kitchen features.   Don’t be afraid to test different types of light before settling on one.
  • Recycle Sofas & Chairs:   If you have old sofas and chairs that don’t have the right look for your new home, think twice before you get rid of them.   An easy and inexpensive way to recycle those items is by covering them with a new slipcover.   Widely available in interesting fabrics and colours, slipcovers can change an eyesore to the focal point in the room.
  • Little Touches:   One of the biggest mistakes most people make in decorating their new home is to focus solely on furniture.   They put the furniture in each room and then stop.   Accent pieces are the small touches that make the difference.   Add accents on the top of tables.   Arrange a gallery of family pictures on a wall.   Add small antique pieces near the fireplace and the end of couches.   Little things can have a big impact.